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Code and collaborate with ease

Share source code, files and documentation between your team members with ease.

Git Distributed Version Control

Manage your source code using Git, a lightweight and powerful Distributed Version Control System. With Git, every working copy contains the full history of your repository. This allows your team to work quickly and efficiently, even when offline. Industry leading branching and merging capabilities make this the perfect tool for managing the concurrent development of multiple features.

Subversion Version Control

Maintain current and historic versions of every single source or documentation file in your project. Detect changes and revert to a previous version of a file at any time. Multiple team members can work concurrently on the same project by using powerful branching and merging tools to integrate changes.

Trac project wiki

Create and share documentation collaboratively between your team members with ease, ensuring knowledge is always captured and kept up-to-date. Cross-reference documentation, source code, reports, milestones and issue tickets with an easy-to-use syntax to help find information when you need it.

WebDAV File Sharing

Store and share files between team members trivially, with your own private password-protected network storage area. Map the network drive to your computer and use it like a local folder. Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Subversion Commit Hooks

Commit hooks are actions that are executed automatically whenever a commit is made to a repository. You can configure hooks to perform tasks such as sending commit emails and updating Trac tickets from the commit message.

Plan and track your projects

Stay in control of your project – trackand prioritise features, bugs, and deliverables. Never miss another deadline!

Issue and Task Tracking

Use Trac to record and manage bug reports, feature requests and tasks. Assign tickets to team members to resolve, then prioritise and monitor their progress. Create custom reports, ticket fields and ticket workflows to exactly match your development process. Never lose track of a bug or feature again!

Project Roadmap

Create a project roadmap and define development milestones that match your deliverables. The Trac roadmap view shows exactly how you are progressing towards your goals. Milestone reports allow you to quickly identify problem areas that need to be addressed. Meet your deadlines on time, every time!

Complete project history

Get a complete view of all your project changes using the integrated Trac timeline and Subversion revision history. Got a bug in your code? Use the revision log to help find where it was introduced, then view the source code changeset to determine the likely cause. Essential tools required by every developer to save time and sanity!

Powerful Search Capability

Need to find a nugget of information tucked away somewhere in your project? Find exactly what you need by instantly searching across tickets, repository changesets, project milestones and wiki content from one search box.

Email integration

Trac ticket change email notification is supported out of the box. Notify your developers instantly when a new ticket is assigned to them. Keep them informed via email automatically whenever a ticket is updated or its status changes. This ensures that you and your team arealways up-to-date on all the latest changes specifically relevant to them.

Trac Plugin Support

Extend the out-of-the-box functionality and tailor your project workspace to your exact needs by installing Trac plugins. Choose from a range of popular open-source plugins that modify default behaviour or gain added functionality with the click of a button.

Manage your projects and team

Administer every aspect of your workspace using our simple but powerful control panel.

Instant Provisioning

Create and manage Subversion repositories and Trac installations instantly, with the click of a button. Monitor repository disk usage and configure Trac settings easily with our simplified user interface.

User Access Control

Ensure the safety of your data at all times by controlling exactly who is allowed access to your repositories and project data. Create user accounts and selectively grant access to various project workspace components, such as repositories, wiki pages, ticket system and file-share area.

Fine Grained Permissions

Manage your team effectively by assigning groups and roles to users that define exactly what they are permitted to do. Specific permissions can be assigned to users for any part of your repository, with capabilities such as read-write, read-only and access-denied. Individual capabilities can also be assigned for Trac, with a vast range of permissions such as the ability create or edit tickets, modify wiki content, run reports, and much more.

Infrastructure you can rely on

Secure and reliable service, backed by unlimited support.

Stable and Secure Servers

All customer accounts are hosted on Unix-powered servers for security and stability. An enterprise grade 256-bit encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) network transport layer protects data transmitted between our servers and the user’s computer to prevent interception or modification.

Built-in Data Redundancy

In addition to regular nightly system backups, we replicate all customer data hourly to an off-site data store. This minimises the risk of data loss or corruption in the event of critical failure.

Downloadable Backups

Safety of your data is our highest priority, however for peace of mind you can always download a daily backup of all your account data. All data and configuration information is packaged in the archive, including all Subversion repositories, Trac instances, user and group permissions and other configuration settings. Your data always belongs to you, so if you ever have to leave for any reason, you can simply take it with you!

Unlimited help and support

Help is always on hand, with free email and ticket system support.Should your question not be covered in our FAQ, our online support staff will do their best to assist. Technical support is provided round-the-clock for emergency issues, withguaranteed next-business-day response for general enquiries. In addition, our support ticket system is hosted in a separate geographical location to ourcustomer data servers. This ensures that you can still contact us in the unlikely event of a server failure or network outage preventing access to your account.

Data import service

We provide a free import service to all customers to allow you to import and use your existing Subversion repository data and Trac content, complete with full revision history of all your files.

Additional benefits of choosing ProjectHut

Hosting your projects with ProjectHut has many practical business benefits too!

Cost Savings

Save on hardware, maintenance and administrative costsotherwise involved in hosting your development services in-house. Remember, every hour your developer spends administering your infrastructure is an hour they are not working on your project – Let us take care of your infrastructure so your developers get on with their job!

Geographic Diversity

Modern business demands access to the best skills, wherever they may be located. Teams with developers spread across different physical locations are increasingly becoming the norm. With no servers to setup or complex firewall rules to configure, ProjectHut simplifies the process of allowing developers to access shared resources from different geographical locations and time zones.

Additional Redundancy

Gain additional safety and redundancy for your data by hosting off-site in a physical location separate to your primary business. Should your premises burn down in a fire, your data will be safe!

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