Subversion for Mac OS X

Subversion client software for Mac OS X.
Subversion Mac OS X
Since OS X Leopard, the command-line Subversion client has been included as part of the standard Mac OS X installation. There are also several third-party GUI Subversion clients available which integrate better with the native graphical Mac OS user-interface. In addition, the popular Mac IDEs also provide integrated Subversion support.

Mac GUI Subversion clients

Want to use Subversion without the command-line? Try one of these GUI clients.

Th svnX open-source GUI client for Mac OS X provides support for most features of the standard svn client, including working with local working copies as well as a useful remote repository browser. It supports all Subversion versions from 1.4 through to 1.7 and is the best open-source GUI Subversion client for Mac OS.


Cornerstone is a fully-featured native Subversion client, designed specifically with the Mac OS X GUI look-and-feel. It is a commercial application that is also available on the MacAppStore.


Another commercial Mac OS X Subversion GUI is Versions. A 30-day demo version is also available.

Mac command-line Subversion clients

Leverage the full power of Subversion from the command-line.
Mac OS X

Mac OS X includes a Subversion command-line client as part of the standard operating system installation. Open the Terminal application and type svn with the required parameters. Easy.


The latest version of the Subversion command-line client is available from the MacPorts community-supported collection of open-source software.

Other Mac OS X command line clients

Depending on your version of OS X, the included command-line tools may be out-of-date. Alternative sources of Mac command-line tools include the CollabNet and WanDisco pages.

Mac IDE Subversion clients

Seamless Subversion integration from within your IDE.

Subversion support is included in Appleā€™s powerful Xcode Integrated Development Environment. For many developers this is the perfect compliment to the Mac OS X command-line tools.

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is a cross-platform IDE that also supports Mac OS X. The Subclipse plug-in provides Subversion support. It uses JavaHL to integrate with the command-line tools, so a little bit of manual installation and configuration is required.

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