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Git client software for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Git Windows
To access your ProjectHut Git repositories, it is necessary to first install client software on your computer. Windows command line Git clients are the most powerful way to access your version control system, however are also the most complex and more difficult to learn. Windows GUI Git clients provide a more user-friendly interface to your repository, and are sufficient for many users, however it is difficult to leverage the full power of Git without using the command line. Alternatively, there are several Windows IDE Clients that integrate with many popular development environments.

Note: We recommend downloading the latest Git release available. Git version 1.6.6 or newer is required for optimal network performance.

Windows command line Git clients

Command line Git tools for power-users.
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Official Git Client

The official Git SCM project provides official builds of the Windows command-line Git client as a free download. If you are using Windows then this is the recommended download for all Git users.

Cygwin Git

Cygwin is a port of many popular Linux/Unix tools to the Windows platform. Users familiar with Linux often install Cygwin to use familiar command-line tools under Windows. The Git command-line client is also included in Cygwin. To get started, download Setup.exe from the Cygwin homepage, and make sure to select the ‘git’ package. Previous command-line or Linux/Unix experience is recommended.

Windows GUI Git clients

GUI clients are the easiest way to work with your Git repositories.

TortoiseGit is a Windows shell extension that integrates Git with the regular Windows interface. It adds new icons to Windows Explorer that identify which files have been checked out or modified etc. A right-click menu also provides access to all the usual Git commands, such as checkout, update and commit, as well as a powerful repository browser.

Download the latest TortoiseGit version here.

Windows IDE Git clients

Integrate with Git from within your IDE.

Visual Studio IDE

Visual Studio is the official Microsoft IDE on the Windows platform. Several different editions of Visual Studio are available, including the free Visual Studio Express edition.

Visual Studio Tools for Git

Since the release of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2, Microsoft has released and maintained its own official Team Explorer extension for Git. This extension enables integration with local Git repositories and provides tools to work with remote repositories.

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is a popular open-source IDE developed in Java that supports a wide variety of runtime platforms, languages and environments. It is renowned for being extremely extensible and having a large variety of plug-ins available.


EGit is an Eclipse Team Provider plug-in for Eclipse IDE that provides seamless Git integration. EGit is implemented on top of JGit, the Java implementation of Git, and contains most of the functionality required to work with any Git repository.

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