Can I import my existing Trac data?

Here is what you need to do to import your existing Trac data:

  • Use the trac-admin hotcopy command to create a copy of your Trac database.
  • Then create a compressed .tar.gz or .zip file of the duplicated directory structure (e.g. using the ‘tar czf trac_name.tar.gz trac_hotcopy_path/‘ command under linux).
  • Now upload this Trac backup to the WebDAV area of your account.
  • Create a corresponding blank Trac project that you would like us to import into via the ProjectHut Control Panel (i.e. the admin/ area).
  • Submit a support ticket via the ProjectHut Member Center to let us know which backup file you would like us to import, and also which empty Trac project you would like to import into.


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