How do I connect to WebDAV using Windows XP?

To be able to connect to the WebDAV area using Windows XP you need to do the following:

1. Log in to your account Control Panel at:

2. Click on ‘Users’ –> ‘Create a New User’ to setup at least one user account (a valid user account is required to access the WebDav area)

3. On your computer go to ‘Start’ –> ‘My Network Places’

4. Click on ‘Add a network place’ to start the network place wizard.

5. Select ‘Choose another network location’ and the enter the full WebDAV area URL, which is

6. Enter username and password of the account you created and then give the connection a name.

Note: if you are using Windows Vista this process is similar, except you need to first install a hot-fix to enable web-folders functionality.


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