New Payment Options

We are pleased to announce the availability of new payment options available for all our customers. Starting from today, customers will have the ability to make invoice payments using their Visa or MasterCard directly, rather than indirectly via a PayPal account.

For the provision of this service we have partnered with PayDollar by AsiaPay Limited, Hong Kong’s largest online payment provider. Customers will notice a slight change in the invoice payment process, whereby they will be redirected to the PayDollar Payment Service to enter their card details. This process ensures that, in the unlikely event of our billing system being compromised, there is no chance that your card details could be lost, since we don’t ever store credit card details in our database.

This new service also supports the Verified By Visa and Mastercard SecureCode third-domain security verification process, for cards that support it. With this system each transaction must be approved by your bank directly, thereby eliminating the possibility of your card details being used without your personal verification.

The other benefit of this change is that we will now have significantly improved ability to diagnose and assist with any payment problems that may arise. This will be welcome news for any customers who may have suffered inexplicable issues with PayPal transactions in the past.

Of course, for customers who still prefer to use PayPal, this option is still available. Just make sure to click the PayPal checkbox on the invoice payment screen.


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