How do I access the WebDAV functionality to save/share files?

Each ProjectHut account contains a file-sharing area that can be accessed by your users to save and share files online. This area is based on a system called WebDAV, and the URL is:

If you access the WebDAV link using a web-browser it will appear as a plain set of read-only set of links. However, most operating systems can be configured to access this area as a network drive so it can be used just like a conventional disk to copy/save files etc.

The procedure for connecting to WebDAV depends on your operating system. Instructions for each major OS can be found as follows:

Should you have difficulty accessing WebDAV from your operating system directly, it is also possible to use some WebDAV client software instead. Several of our customers have had success using CarotDAV as a free WebDAV client with their ProjectHut WebDAV area.


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