How do I access the Control Panel?

In addition to the Member Area (which is used to enter support tickets and manage billing information), each ProjectHut account has its own Control Panel.

The Control Panel is used to perform all administrative operations on your ProjectHut account. This includes:

  • Creating and managing Subversion repositories and Trac projects.
  • Creating and managing Users and their passwords and assigning them to Groups.
  • Assigning permissions to your Subversion repositories and Trac projects.
  • Enabling WebDAV access and accessing account backups.

When signing up to ProjectHut, you should receive a direct link to your Control Panel URL in your welcome email. Alternatively, follow these instructions:

How to access the ProjectHut Control Panel:

  1. Use your web-browser to navigate to the Control Panel URL. This consists of your account domain URL, followed by admin/. For example, the account myaccount has its Control Panel located at:

  2. Enter your Login (your account username) and Password into the corresponding fields.
  3. Click the Login button.

Here you will find a summary screen detailing the amount of storage space used, as well as other account information such as number of Subversion repositories and Trac projects. Use the menu links on the left to access various administrative functions.


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