Can I keep my Trac/SVN data if I leave?

If in the future you were to leave ProjectHut, you can certainly take all your Trac and SVN files with you.

To support this, we have provided an option to create a daily archive of all your Trac and Subversion data that you can then download at your convenience. This archive consists of a full copy of each SVN repository, including all revision history, and a copy of each Trac installation,  including all tickets, wiki, pages, atttachments, etc.

To generate this backup, you must:

  1. Log into the ProjectHut Control Panel (i.e. the admin/ area).
  2. Select the “Backup Settings” page.
  3. Click the link to enable the daily backup. Please allow up to 24 hours for the backup to be generated. When backup has been generated, the file will be available for download in your WebDAV area, and it is updated every 24 hours.


If you ever decide to leave, please make sure you download this archive file first before you cancel your account, and you will have all your Trac and SVN files in their original form to take with you.


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