Can I import my existing Subversion repositories?

Yes of course! We provide a free import service to all customers to allow you to import and use your existing Subversion repository data, complete with full revision history.

To import your Subversion data:
  1. Log in to the Control Panel using your ProjectHut account username and password.
  2. Create a new empty Subversion repository where you wish to import your data.
  3. On your local computer, create a dump of your repository data using the ‘svnadmin’ command. For example, the command-line syntax for doing this is as follows:

    svnadmin dump REPOS_PATH > repos_name.dump

    Note: please refer to the svnadmin dump manual for more information on using this command.

  4. Compress the dump file using ‘gzip’ so it takes up less space and time to upload. The unix command to do this is:

    gzip repos_name.dump

    Alternatively, use your favourite ‘zip’ application and create an archive containing this dump file.

  5. Upload the dumpfile by copying it to the WebDAV network disk area of your ProjectHut account (
  6. Submit a support ticket in the member center and tell us the name of your uploaded dumpfile, and the name of the newly repository you wish to import it into. We will let you know via email as soon as the repository data has been imported.


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