How to enable email notification for Trac users

You have to follow these required two steps to enable email notification within Trac:

  1. First you have to ensure that each of your Trac users logs into Trac (using the Trac “Login” link) and clicks on the “Preferences” link at the top of the page. In here the users can enter an email address that is associated with their Trac account (as well as customize other personal user details, such as time-zone).
  2. Now go and log into the ProjectHut Control Panel (i.e. the admin/ area of your account) and select the “Trac Settings” page. In here you can enable email notifications and control who is notified when tickets are created or updated.


Once  an email address has been associated with a user, the user will then start receiving ticket change notifications according to how the project has been configured.


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