Git has arrived at ProjectHut!

Git LogoWe are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Git hosting across all ProjectHut plans. Git is the world’s most popular Distributed Version Control System (DVCS), and the addition of this powerful tool means that ProjectHut now supports any distributed or centralised version control workflow that your team needs to maximise their development productivity.

Every ProjectHut plan, both new and existing, have been extended to include Git support. The number of Git repositories assigned is the same as the number of Subversion repositories. So for example, a Developer plan with 5 SVN repositories now also includes an additional 5 Git repositories, effectively doubling the total number of repositories, should you wish to use both tools. As usual, our Enterprise plan has no limit to the number of Git repositories. To find out more, checkout our updated Pricing page for a description of the plans available.

Why use Git?

So what can you do with Git that you can’t with Subversion? Well the primary difference is that a checked-out copy of a Git repository includes the full history of the repository, rather than just the most recent revision. This makes local commits and merge operations extremely fast, and actively encourages the effortless creation and use of branches.

With Git, your developers can share and work on branch changes together, even independently of the central ProjectHut repository. It allows your team to design a development workflow that best suits your product and your organisation.

Git at ProjectHut

ProjectHut Git MenuAs with all the services offered at ProjectHut, security is our number one priority. Our Git repositories can be accessed only via encrypted and authenticated HTTPS network connections. We provide the ability to precisely control access to each Git repository, allowing you to specify exactly which users or groups should be granted access. For projects that require it, there is also the ability to allow public (non-authenticated) read or write access if desired.

To get started with Git now, login to the ProjectHut Control Panel. Regular users will notice a new Git Repositories option in the menu. Here you can create and manage your repositories, assign permissions and edit other repository settings.

Bonus: Gitweb included!

In addition to using your favourite Git client, you can also view the status and browse the commit history of each repository using your web-browser. A Gitweb interface is provided at the same URL as each Git repository. For security, this area is also password protected, so only authenticated and appropriately authorised users can access it.

In conclusion, we are extremely excited about this new addition to our service offering. We encourage all users to try it and see for themselves the benefit of utilising a Distributed Version Control System in your workflow. We remind anyone who already has Git repositories that that they wish to import, we are happy to import them free of charge – simply submit a support ticket and we will be happy to help!

For any general tips or suggestions you might have on the service or the updated Control Panel, please take the time to send us feedback. Enjoy!

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