New ProjectHut Features

We are pleased to announce a number of improvements to the ProjectHut service. These improvements are described as follows.

Upgrade to Trac 0.11

We would like to thank you for your patience with the recent upgrade to Trac We are happy to announce that the upgrade was a complete success and all accounts are now running with the new version of Trac!

As the number of improvements found in Trac 0.11 are numerous and many of them quite useful (such as the ability for users to specify their own timezone), we recommend that all clients take a few minutes to browse over the release notes. These can be found online at:

New Features

In addition to the Trac upgrade, we are proud to announce the arrival of several new ProjectHut-specific features, including an upgraded Control Panel and support for Trac plugins and Subversion commit hooks.

The new features are listed as follows:

New “WebDAV Users” Menu

By default, all Users registered in the Control Panel are given access to the WebDAV storage area. This new menu makes it possible to restrict access to a only subset of users. For example, this is perfect for situations where you wish to prevent your customers from accessing the WebDAV area while still allowing access by your staff.

New “Subversion Hooks” Menu

Use this menu to configure actions that are executed each time a new revision is committed to a Subversion repository. The currently available hooks are:

  • Send Commit Emails Send a notification email describing either a commit or a revprop-change action on a Subversion repository. Use this to monitor or keep a history of repository activity.
  • Trac Integration Automatically update Trac tickets when you commit changes with a message listing tickets that are fixed or related. For example, the commit message “Changed blah and foo to do this or that. Fixes #10 and #12, and refs #12.” would have the effect of closing Trac tickets #10 and #12, and adding a note to #12.
Trac Plugins

A number of Trac plugins have been installed site-wide and can be optionally enabled using the “Admin” tab in each Trac project. The available plugins are:

  • TracCustomFieldAdmin Use this plugin to add extra fields to your tickets. This allows you to capture and report on extra information beyond the default Trac ticket fields.
  • TracTicketDelete This plugin adds a “Delete” panel to the “Admin” area that can be used to permanently delete a Trac ticket. Note: deleting tickets is not normally recommended as all history and comments are lost (you should mark tickets as “Invalid” instead). This really should only be used in exceptional circumstances (e.g. to remove spam or test tickets).
  • TracXMLRPC This plugin enables Remote Procedure Call (RPC) access to your Trac tickets. This makes it possible to integrate Trac tightly with your Integrated Development Environment (IDE). For example, see the Mylyn interface for Eclipse (

We hope you had an enjoyable festive season and wish you good fortunes for the New Year!


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