How do I export my SVN repository data?

You can obtain dumps of all your SVN and Trac data by enabling the daily archive feature in your account. This archive includes:

  • All SVN repository data
  • All Git repository data
  • All Trac project data
  • All Users/Groups
  • All permission configuration information for SVN, Git and Trac.

To create and access this archive, this is what you need to do:

  • Firstly, log-in to the ProjectHut Control Panel (i.e. the admin/ area of your account).
  • Click on “Archive Settings”.
  • Then go click on the “Click here to enable daily archive” link in the “Automated Daily Account Archive” section.


It may take up to one day to finish creating your archive. After it is created the link will appear in the “Download URL” section on the “Archive Settings” page. Alternatively, the archive will also be available for download from the WebDAV area of your account (i.e. the dav/ area of your account).

This archive file will be updated automatically every 24 hours unless the archive feature is disabled.


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